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The Holiday Blend

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This year's blend, more than any we've previously released, is a celebration of every sense memory we lovingly associate with the holidays. Each of the three coffees we selected for this blend bring something intentional and distinctly festive to the flavor profile you'll experience as you sip this coffee with friends and family throughout the holiday season. It's super sweet, full of red fruits, and heavy on the cinnamon! We chose a Honey Cinnamon coffee from Jairo Arcila to incorporate the holiday baking spice characteristics, a Static Cherry blend from our friends at Creativa Coffee District to contribute those big red fruits, and our beloved Gamatui Washed lot brings all the sweetness. The result is a delightful cup of cheer with flavor notes that include: cinnamon, cherry pie, praline pecan, and mulled wine. 

Perhaps the best thing about this year's Holiday Blend (besides the aforementioned flavor notes, amiright?!) is how seamlessly it incorporates both complexity and balance. It's both refined and approachable, intricate and easy-going. Those complex flavor characteristics are certainly there if you want to seek them out, but this coffee is also perfectly enjoyed with cream and sugar by connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers alike. Everything about this coffee resounds with the holiday spirit, including its ability to welcome everyone to the table.

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Cinnamon, Cherry Pie, Praline Pecan, Mulled Wine


San Adolfo, Huila, Columbia | Kapchorwa, Sipi Falls, Uganda | Boquette, Panama