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Black and White

The Future

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Anaerobic coffees have rewritten the rules for Barista Competitions around the world. It is becoming increasingly common for people competing in national and international Barista Competitions to use anaerobically processed coffees. In many ways, Black & White was formed out of Barista Competitions and our ambitions in coffee reflect that push towards processing innovations. 

We have had The Future as a part of our Year-Round coffee menu for quite some time. We love this coffee because it offers an accessible entry point into the broader conversation around coffee innovation and flavor possibility.   

Over the past few years of tweaking The Future, we have honed our focus on the complexity of flavor made possible by applying winemaking techniques to coffee fermentation. Anaerobic processing, in its most basic form, is holding the coffee in an oxygen-free environment for an extended time (the coffee can be in a whole cherry form or pulped to remove the skin beforehand). There are a number of ways to create an oxygen-free environment, but the goal is to promote the growth of Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus is a naturally occurring strain of bacteria that converts sugars found in the coffee fruit into lactic acid. The result of this is the acidification of the coffee pulp, which translates to a more vibrant coffee both on the cupping table and in your mug. 

The main benefit of this unique style of processing is that it can make coffees that are grown at low elevations taste very similar to coffees grown at higher elevations. When cupping potential coffees to blend together to make The Future, we're looking to be compelled by exciting, fruity, vibrant flavors. We want a perfect balance of sweetness and nuance that invites curiosity in every coffee drinker. 

The Future showcases these coffees and their varying flavor profiles from around the world. Most of these coffees that we are currently sourcing are coming from Colombia, but we are also sourcing some from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Peru. As we change the components of this blend, the flavor may deviate more than is common with our other Year-Round blends. However, we think this is a feature of The Future and not a bug. Each coffee we choose brings something compelling to the table and we're glad you can be along for the ride. 

We hope you all enjoy this adventure into what we believe to be The Future of specialty coffee.

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