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Sweet Bloom

Migration 5.1

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No doubt, things are heating up and we are hitting the hottest days of the year. No doubt, you may not be craving a steaming hot coffee as a mid-day pick me up. We get it and that’s why Sweet Bloom created Migration 5.1 to be light, lively, sweet and refreshing – and a fantastic option for cold brew.

5.1 starts with a 75% base of a beautiful washed lot, Geta Bore, from the Agaro region of Ethiopia. This coffee lends florals, and the stone fruit – peach like notes. To this, they added 25% of our lovely current offering from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, Jauna Cruz. Juana’s coffee builds sweetness and lends a lively malic and citrus acidity. Together, you’ll find refreshing floral and peach tea notes with a crisp, sweet, lively finish. As always, don’t shy away from trying this blend on drip and espresso. Any way you brew it, you’ll find Migration 5.1 will hit the spot as a great summer blend.

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Florals, Peach Tea and Mandarin


Agaro, Ethiopia and Huehuetenango, Guatemala