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Sweet Bloom

Hometown Blend

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One reason you’ll never find Sweet Bloom offering many blends is because we are hyper focused on keeping our coffees fresh and seasonal. Blends offered year round inevitably lead to individual components growing tired and showing signs of age – which means less tasty coffee.

So how does Hometown, our user friendly espresso blend, stay fresh throughout the year? Part of the answer has to do with the fact that we use coffees from Colombia as the base of our blend (at ~50%). The wonderful thing about Colombia is that there are two harvests per year, which means we can continually rotate fresh harvests into the blend. For years now we’ve been rotating lots from the Los Naranjos and Timanco groups in Huila, Colombia. We are proud of the fact that these two groups can count on us consistently buying their coffee, year after year.

The other components we add to Hometown are from Ethiopia, a washed selection at ~35%, and a natural selection at ~15%. Although there is only one harvest from Ethiopia, we do not know of a country whose coffee stays fresh as green coffee longer. The result is a consistently fresh tasting, chocolatey, full bodied blend with a touch of berries, soft florals and bright but balanced acidity. Hometown is easy to dial in and amazing for espresso, but works great for drip coffee and cold brew as well.

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Tastes Like

Cocoa nibs, Praline, Blackberry


Colombia and Ethiopia


Not Specified


Washed and Natural