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Sweet Bloom

Don Teó - Washed

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Last year Sweet Bloom had the privilege of sharing the same coffee processed three different ways from Don Teó’s farm, Finca Las Marías, and they are proud to be able to do it again this year!

For the washed lot, the cherry was harvested, immediately de-pulped, and then the fruit was quickly fermented off the seed before drying. This is the traditional way of processing coffee in Central America and results in what we’d consider the clearest expression of terroir and inherent quality within the seed itself. Fresh off the grind the aromatics are cola sweet and hint towards floral. As with last year, a malic acidity predominates and flavors range from honeycrisp to plum to nougat to chamomile. If you prefer crisp, clean and delicately nuanced coffees, look no further.

Coffee Profile

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Cola, Honeycrisp, Nougat


Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua


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