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Sweet Bloom

Don Teó - Natural

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Last year Sweet Bloom had the privilege of sharing the same coffee processed three different ways from Don Teó’s farm, Finca Las Marías, and they are proud to be able to do it again this year!

For the natural lot, the cherry was harvested, and then dried with the skin and fruit surrounding the seed. The drying process definitely takes longer for naturals, and the extended time the fruit remains surrounding the seed leads to a more fruit-forward cup profile compared to the washed and honeyed selections. The aromatics fresh off the grind are definitely the most intense of the three processes and leave little doubt the fruit notes will follow through into the cup as well. We are tasting a wide range of flavors, from raspberry to plum to red grape, all wrapped around a chocolate mid tone . If you love a more intensely fruit-forward cup, then this naturally processed gem will delight!

Coffee Profile

Tastes Like

Raspberry, Plum, Chocolate


Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua


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