Phil & Britanni

It all started in November 2014 when Phil took Britanni to a Michelin-starred restaurant in Yorkshire for their first date. It was out in the countryside so naturally, Britanni thought her life was going to end (cue dramatic music). But actually, it was the beginning of a joint love for quality and unique food and drink…especially coffee. Now, married and two children, we made the jump into business ownership!

Coffee Exchange was born out of a desire to enjoy a really great cup of coffee at home. Home brewing options are growing and there are so many ways to get a great cup yourself. But we realised quickly that there are no shops on island offering fresh, whole beans. We also knew that many coffee lovers were bringing in their own beans and chose to do so because it provided variety and the beans were as fresh as they could be. So we thought: why not offer this to more Bermudians and at a lower price point?

This is what sets us apart: fresh, whole beans, delivered to your door quickly. Sure, there are great coffee shops on island but Coffee Exchange exists to elevate the home coffee experience and introduce new roasts and flavours to the coffee connoisseurs and beginner coffee lovers alike. 

We bring in small quantities of each roast to ensure freshness and make the ordering experience exciting! We carefully select roasts every 6-8 weeks and choose new options each time while keeping some roasts in stock regularly for our customers. We loved the seasonality and personalisation of the Michelin-star dining experiences and wanted to bring elements of that to Coffee Exchange customers. 

In selecting each roaster, we look for sustainability, quality of the beans and an element of fun and quirk. It’s important to us to partner with roasters who understand our vision as a small business, too. We talk directly with each roaster and know many of the owners by name! This is so important to ensuring you get the best beans in your brew. 

It is our hope to continue to grow Coffee Exchange and introduce new roasters and roasts regularly. We want to be the only store you think to visit for quality, whole bean coffee. With your continued support, we also aim to introduce coffee-related products to enhance the home brewing experience. 

We want to get to know each of our customers by name. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to give feedback, encouragement or just say hi

We hope our small shop becomes one of your favourite places to find great coffee. 

Thanks for your continued support of our small, family business! 

Phil, Britanni & the boys